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About us

Bring me back to Wonderland!W13 Rabbit

Gothic-, Glam-, Occult-, Horror-, Punk-Rock-, ’n Roll-Trash- and Dark couture mixed with morbid nostalgia, a twist of darkness and a shot of creepy attitude!

Our Credo: Wear what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!!!!!

Women’s or men’s apparel? – Never mind! You decide what you want to wear and how you feel comfortable! Be yourself! Unconventionally, provocatively and eccentric we present everything for a wicked lifestyle. At Wonderland 13 you can find clothing for grown ups as well as for the little ones. The focus of our selection is set on very petite sizes as well as on plus sizes in clothing and shoes. Our offer is complemented by a beautiful selection of jewelry, accessories, piercing supply and decoration items. Or range contains scene-known brands, supplemented by many small and innovative labels.

Our totally motivated team with passion in subculture, music and underground fashion loves it to give you advice and just be good to you. Service is our number one priority!
Our customers are not just customers for us and we are not just selling products. We live and we celebrate Wonderland 13 and would like to know our national and international customer base completely happy!

In this spirit,
follow the black Rabbit!

Your Wonderland 13 Crew